Pierre Yves Cote, President and Founder, Rocky Mountain Café

Pierre Yves Cote is the President and Founder of Rocky Mountain Café Inc. (Canada), Rocky Mountain Café (RMC - Philippines) and Rocky Mountain Arabica Coffee Company (RMACC - Philippines). Read more..

Irfan Anwar is the Chairman of the Association of Indonesian Coffee Exporters (AEKI – AICE), a national organization established to unite coffee exporters and aid the Government in making coffee business policy. Read more..

Wahyu Wibowo, Indonesia Country Manager, 4C Association

Wahyu holds a bachelor degree in Agriculture from the Udayana University in Indonesia. During his studies he acquired expertise in the field of land suitability and later gained insights into farmer development through projects of the Asian Development Bank. Read more..

Erisman Junaedi, Head of Nestle Quality Control Center, Nestle' Indonesia

Erisman Juanedi holds a degree in Chemical Engineering from the Bandung Institute of Technology, Indonesia. During his studies he acquired expertise in the field of coffee sourcing and the skills gained in this specific field brought him to join in 1996 PT Nestle’ Indonesia. Read more..

Julian Bagus, President, Parijs Van Java Coffee Indonesia

Julian Bagus Hariawan (July 29, 1980) is the Founder of the Australian “Uncle Jeremy’s Coffee” company and the President of the Indonesian “PT Parijs Van Java Coffee & SSS Coffee Ltd”. Read more..

Syed Anwar Ahamed, Vice President, SSP PVT LIMITED, India

Mr. Syed Anwar Ahamed, a B- Tech in Chemical Engineering, from Andhra University, Andhra Pradesh, India & PGDPM (Postgraduate Diploma in Production & Marketing Management) from IIPM, New Delhi, India, is having 30 years of rich experience in development of process technology for projects related to Instant Coffee , Tea and Phytochemical segment. Read more..

Rasdi Wangsa, CEO, Indonesia Organic Alliance

Rasdi Wangsa is Chief Executive Officer of the Indonesia Organic Alliance, a national umbrella group promoting special programs for organic, ecosocial and fairtrade activities. Read more..

Sugumar Raman, Director of Operations, FLO-CERT

Sugumar Raman is currently working as Director of Operations for FLO-CERT GmbH, a Fairtrade certification company based in Germany. Mr. Raman has been with FLO-CERT since 2009. Read more..

Midhun Pachayil, General Manager Coffee Division, Olam International Limited

Midhun Pachayil has been working with Olam in Indonesia for the past 7 years. He is currently Associate General Manager in-charge of all ‘Origin Operations’ of the Coffee Robusta Business for Olam International in Indonesia. Read more..

Michael Lutz, Country Manager Coffee, PT Volkopi Indonesia, ED&F Man Coffee Division

Michael is the General Manager of PT Volkopi Indonesia – the ED&F Man's Coffee Division based in Medan, Indonesia, and representing one of the largest national Arabica exporters, with a very strong presence in the specialty coffee segment. Read more..

Joseph Tarquinio, Managing Director , Quintino’s Djava

As a process engineer, Joseph has spent 20 years setting up large food & beverage factories across Asia for major multinational food groups. In 2007 he realised his dream of establishing his own coffee roast house Read more..

Lehman Pahlevi Sulaiman, Chairman, Specialty Coffee Association of Indonesia – SCAI

Lehman Pahlevi Sulaiman is the Chairman of the Specialty Coffee Association of Indonesia – SCAI. His passion for coffee made him possible to lead one of the major coffee export companies, PT Menacom, located in Medan – Sumatra Read more..

Aidan Broderick, Master Roaster, Tanamera Coffee, Indonesia

Beginning at 16 years old Aidan has always been working in and around coffee. Whilst studying a degree in fine art on research trip to Italy, Aidan began to appreciate the great mastery and deep contribution coffee has made in that country. It is a religion, a love affair and, most importantly, an art form. Read more..

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