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SSP PVT LIMITED is a leading manufacturer of turnkey projects for instant coffee processing plant which includes green coffee cleaning system, roasting & , grinding, extraction system, aroma recovery cum evaporation system, spray dryer, agglomerator, & continuous freeze dryer. Recently “SSP” has also developed HYPE, (High Pressure Extraction System) for recovery of soluble solids from the spent coffee, which will enhance the yield .

SSP’s Core Competency:

  • Evaporator
  • Dryer
  • Aroma Recovery System
  • Continuous Type High Pressure Extraction System
  • Agglomerater

SSP offers the following Projects on Turnkey Basis :

  • Instant Coffee Powder Plant
  • Agglomerated Coffee Plant
  • Freeze Dried Coffee Plant.

Coffee produced from SSP’s plants has excellent aroma and very good instantibility.

“SSP” offers the most energy efficient, soluble coffee processing technology and are in a position to supply upto 15TPD instant coffee production plant. Plants with smaller capacities are also available in the range of 50 kg/hr to 250 kg/hr of instant powder production.

“SSP” has already designed, engineered and supplied many evaporators, spray dryers, aroma recovery, extraction units & agglomerator plants in India and abroad.



Instant Coffee Technology

GEA Process Engineering – the company behind the world-recognised GEA Niro Instant Coffee plants – is a world leader in instant coffee technology. With decades of experience in this field, our expertise within spray and freeze drying, evaporation and freeze concentration, extraction, extract treatment, aroma preservation, agglomeration/granulation, and powder handling and packing is un-rivaled. So whether the instant coffee is to be a granulate, a fine – or coarse – powder, or in liquid form, a GEA Niro Instant Coffee plant secures the best solution.

GEA Process Engineering, Gladsaxevej 305 , 2860 Soeborg, Denmark
Tel.: +45 39 54 54 54 | E-mail:


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Satake Corporation was found in 1896 who invented and began the production of Japan’s first power driven rice milling machine. Today, more than a century of successful developments and a wealth of accumulated research and knowledge have made Satake the world leader in grain processing systems. Satake produces a comprehensive range of individual machines, integrated systems and total engineering solutions for the processing of rice, wheat and other grains. The Company is proud of its tradition of innovation which ensures that Satake machines and systems are always at the forefront of technology. Satake has achieved its position as the oldest, largest and most advanced company in its fields through its commitment to offering customers superb equipment, especially developed to meet their needs. This driving principle has led directly to the prosperity of the Company. We are most grateful to all our customers for their patronage which has allowed us to become known and respected in Japan and over 140 countries throughout the world.

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