6th Annual Bioplasma World Asia 2017

Where Asia’s Plasma and Blood Products Industry Convene Annually

Running consecutively for 5 years, Bioplasma World Asia has firmly established itself as the most definitive and most important annual meeting place for the plasma products industry! Continuing the tradition and success of the past, this year too, the event will bring you fresh perspectives from Asian and Global experts on the industry’s most pressing topics.

Join expert sessions on:

Progress of developing plasma products in emerging economies: New plants and case studies Quality and regulatory framework for plasma products in Asia Innovations in Plasma collection & processing
Roundtable discussions on Bioplasma  Industry challenges Plasma products supply chain,
optimization strategies and distribution
Viral inactivation & pathogen safety best practices

Why should you attend the 6th Bioplasma World Asia 2017?

Meet 150+ attendees from international and regional plasma fractionators, blood establishments, national health & regulatory organizations,  and cold chain and technology solution providers.

Learn from 35+ Expert Speakers from China, Israel, Iran, India, Singapore, USA, Europe & more!

Take advantage of 25 Hours of Business-Matching Opportunities across 2 days

Participate in 8 Focused Round-table Sessions

3 Exclusive Industry Case-Studies to help you take your product from R&D to manufacturing stage.

Sales & Marketing Opportunities at Bioplasma World Asia 2017!

Bioplasma World Asia 2017 is your one-stop solution to reach out to Asia’s plasma industry! To ensure your target audience get to hear your product philosophy and successful case studies, get involved early by taking your first step. Contact Us:

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Featured Speakers :



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