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Pelican BioThermal is a global leader in providing the life sciences industry with the most comprehensive suite of patented and award-winning thermal protection packaging solutions for the safe transport of pharmaceuticals, clinical trials, diagnostics, tissue, vaccines and blood supplies. We provide the life science industry with the broadest range of passive single-use and reusable temperature controlled patented packaging solutions for the safe distribution of frozen, refrigerated and controlled ambient temperature-sensitive payloads in profiles ranging from -50°C to 25°C and payload capacities ranging from 2 to 96 litres.

Website: pelicanbiothermal.com

va-Q-tec is a leading provider of highly efficient tech products and solutions in the field of thermal insulation and cold chain logistics. The company develops, manufactures and sells innovative, thin vacuum insulation panels (“VIPs”) and phase change materials (“PCMs”) for reliable and energy efficient temperature control and insulation.

Furthermore, by optimally integrating VIPs and PCMs, va-Q-tec manufactures passive thermal packaging solutions (containers and boxes), which offer constant temperature conditions for between 24 to over 200 hours without using external energy sources. Within its rental services business, the company has built a global partner network to provide for an extensive fleet of containers and boxes fulfilling highly demanding thermal protection standards in temperature-sensitive supply chains.

Besides Healthcare & Logistics as the main market, va-Q-tec addresses additional markets such as Appliances & Food, Technics & Industry, Building and Mobility. The steadily growing company was founded in 2001 and has its headquarters in Würzburg, Germany.

Website: www.va-Q-tec.com


Marken is a wholly owned subsidiary of UPS.  Marken is the only patient-centric supply chain organization 100% dedicated to the pharmaceutical and life sciences industries. Marken maintains the leading position for patient-centric services and biological sample shipments and offers a state-of-the-art GMP-compliant depot network and logistic hubs in 48 locations worldwide for clinical trial material storage and distribution.

More than 900 Marken staff members manage 55,000 drug and biological shipments every month at all temperature ranges in more than 150 countries.  Additional services such as biological kit production, ancillary material sourcing, storage and distribution, shipment lane verification and qualifications, as well as GDP, regulatory and compliance consultancy add to Marken’s unique position in the pharma and logistics industry.



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Cold Chain Technologies (CCT) is a ISO 9001:2008 registered global leader of controlled-temperature distribution solutions for the pharmaceutical, biotech, health care, clinical trial distribution and medical device industries. We develop, test and manufacture the world’s most extensive and cost-effective lines of thermal packaging solutions.

Distributed from multiple U.S. and international locations including Asia, CCT’s trusted brands include Koolit® Refrigerants and advanced Phase Change Materials (PCM’s), KoolTemp® Pre‐Qualified Shipping Systems, and KoolTemp® Insulated Containers which are available in a wide range of sizes, durations and temperature ranges.

For more information, please visit www.coldchaintech.com.



BCI Global carries out research, advises, implements and performs project management in the areas of supply chain strategy and design, international business strategy, location search and site selection, regional economic development, real estate and logistics.

BCI Global is an ambitious consulting firm. With an ambition to support companies and governments in making realistic well-based strategic choices. Their ambition is to grow as a global boutique consulting firm: they have teams and offices in Europe’s most important business cities; in the US in Atlanta, Silicon Valley and Los Angeles; and in Asia in Singapore and Shanghai.

BCI has been able to support over 1,500 clients over the years. BCI is proud of their clients’ confidence in their capabilities and are convinced that they can add value to your organization too. That means: they help to improve the results of your company, municipality, region, business park or logistics region in an effective and efficient manner.

Website: https://bciglobal.com





Pluss is a materials research and manufacturing company with a platform technology for providing innovative and sustainable temperature control solutions. Pluss has pioneered temperature control solutions using Phase Change Materials (PCM) across sectors including refrigeration, cold chain logistics – Pharmaceutical and Food, HVAC, medical devices, electric vehicles, etc. One of its flagship product is Celsure® – a savE® PCM based temperature control packaging solution for Pharmaceutical products. Launched in 2016 in India, Celsure® provides precise temperature control at extreme ambient conditions for more than 120 hours. It is being used by various multinational pharmaceuticals in India and Pluss is now launching Celsure® in the South East Asia region.

SeerPharma are a team of consultants that provide advice, training, software and contract resources to pharmaceutical, medical device and life science companies in the Asia-Pacific region on matters of Quality Assurance and GMP compliance. We have been serving our clients in the Asia-Pacific region for over 25 years from our offices in Singapore, Melbourne and Sydney and are also able to provide assistance in Europe through our affiliate in the UK.


SkyCell is the 4th largest pharma airfreight container provider with the mission to supply the safest pharma containers worldwide. This is achieved through the unique combination of hardware, software and service, enabling our clients to master logistical challenges and eliminate temperature excursion. Twelve of the top 20 pharma companies have tested and verified SkyCell as the safest solution on the market, with less than 0.1% temperature deviations since launch. The efficient insulation and cutting-edge cooling technology enable the containers to keep the temperature up to 160h. All containers are equipped with IoT sensors, leading to a seamless supply chain through global tracking and monitoring. Based in Switzerland and with a global service station network, SkyCell is serving pharma companies around the world.


A world leader in the design and manufacture of high performance temperature-controlled packaging systems for the transport of pharmaceutical products, EMBALL’ISO is now an expert of turnkey Reverse Logistics and Rental solutions.

EMBALL’ISO’s worldwide presence across 4 continents, with 8 production sites (Brazil, China, France, Germany, India, Singapore, UK and the US) and collection points in more than 80 countries helps you reuse isothermal packaging while saving time and money.

We supply systems capable of carrying a single vial to airfreight pallet shippers available flat packed or fully assembled in new and innovative Logistics Business models.

EMBALL’ISO delivers quality everywhere, just like you.



For over 35 years, QuickSTAT has managed clinical trial logistics in 150 countries worldwide.  With innovative solutions that offer complete end-to-end transportation services, your time-and-temperature-sensitive clinical research specimens, investigational drugs, and personalized medicine therapies are handled with unmatched attention, reliability and care.

As the trusted leader in life science logistics, companies throughout the world rely on QuickSTAT to help bring important drugs and medical protocols to the market, providing customized solutions for all phases of research and drug development.

Our unique quality assurance and chain of custody protocols help ensure product integrity and patient safety for your cutting-edge treatments. QuickSTAT’s specialists provide consultation on proper classification, regulatory compliance and specialized packaging for all temperature ranges, and deliver proven solutions for all temperature ranges — from controlled room temperature, refrigerated, frozen, to deep-frozen in liquid nitrogen dry vapour shippers. In-transit storage and refrigerated vehicles are used for transport, utilizing GDP guidelines and best practices.

Website: www.quickstat.aero


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Pharma Focus Asia is a quarterly magazine from Ochre Media Pvt. Ltd. Pharma Focus Asia covers important issues and trends shaping the future of the Pharma industry across Asia and rest of the world. It is the leading Pharma title in print as well as digital versions serving the information needs of key executives from the world’s leading pharmaceutical companies.

Website: https://www.pharmafocusasia.com


SupplyChainBrain, the world’s most comprehensive supply chain management information resource, is accessed year round through a wide range of ever evolving multi-media formats by hundreds of thousands of senior-level industry executives. In addition to addressing the fundamental principles of supply-chain management, SupplyChainBrain identifies emerging trends, technologies and best practices, forward thinking ideas and cutting-edge solutions-and continues to write and report about these as they evolve and mature.

Website: https://www.supplychainbrain.com


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