Cell Therapy World Asia 2019

Asia-Pacific’s ONLY Cell Therapy Focused Regional Event!

Tokyo, Japan

Cell Therapy World Asia 2019 is bringing together Asia’s best of best in cell therapy development and manufacturing. This will be the most targeted and the only regional conference that will attract cell therapy companies in South Korea, Japan, China, India, Singapore, Taiwan and the rest of Asia to discuss and debate on best practices and innovations in this space.


Event Highlights

200+ Key Stakeholders from TOP Cell Therapy Companies
  50+ Asia-Pacific cell therapy companies to attend
  30+ Key opinion leaders to share their insights
  20+ Hours of Networking
  15+ Technology Showcase

What is in it for you?

  • Gain Latest Insights on:
    International & Asian regulatory perspectives
    – Cost Reduction Strategies
    – Oncology & Cancer Immunotherapy Case Studies
    – Advances in Mesenchymal Stem Cell Research
    – Cell Therapy Bioprocessing Best Practices
  • Meet the key stakeholders of top cell therapy companies from Asia-Pacific.
  • Fantastic opportunity for Asian players to learn from international counterparts.
  • Expand your network of cell therapy professionals in Asia.
  • Attend focused workshops on 3D- Cell Culture Modelling and Cell Therapy Bioprocessing.


Sales and Marketing Opportunities @ Cell Therapy World Asia 2019

To ensure your target audience in Korea and Asia gets to hear your product philosophy and successful case studies at the conference, it’s important to discuss with us about your potential involvement early! Get involved by taking your first step, contact:

Speaking Opportunities
Aarthi Asokan
Conference Producer
T: (65) 3109 0159
E: aarthi.asokan@imapac.com 

Sponsorship Opportunities
Matthew Yong
Business Development Manager
T: (65) 3109 0123
E: matthew.yong@imapac.com

Delegate & Media Registration
Akanksha Mittal
Marketing Manager
T: (65) 3109 0158
E: akanksha.mittal@imapac.com

Featured Speakers :

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