The tourism and hospitality industry is one of the most vulnerable industries to crises. Crises have become more frequent and complex more than ever affecting the industry and other related activities. Hence, it is better to be prepared well to mitigate and minimize the potential effects of these crises, whether it is natural or man-made. This also includes large corporations that are stepping up their requirements in terms of employee safety and data protection. The industry as a whole is challenged to raise safety and security levels  without impacting their day to day operations, or the guests’ experience.

The Tourism & Hospitality Security Asia Pacific 2016 is the region’s only dedicated multi-dimensional forum that provides solutions to all the various safety and security challenges faced by the tourism and hospitality industry, which encompasses an extensive variety of service industries that include: 

. Hotels/Resorts
. Commercial: Airlines/Airports & Cruise Lines/Seaports
. Leisure Venues & Theme Parks
. Transportation
. Shopping Malls and Convention Centers
. Restaurants/Night Clubs
. National Tourism Bureaus

Lead by key opinion leaders responsible for the security of the tourism and hospitality industry, and supported by industry practitioners – The Conference will attract, as speakers and/or delegates, Chief/Directors/Heads of: 

. Safety and Security
. Facilities/Asset Protection
. Aviation/Airline Security
. Public Transport Security
. Port Security
. Operations
. Risk Management
. Loss Prevention
. Information/Data Security

The congress will equip all the various stakeholders with proven plans to prevent, detect, respond to and recover from fire and security incidents – all in compliance with regulatory requirements, through practical case studies. Attendees will be able to immediately apply “stress-tested” crisis emergency frameworks, to mitigate effects and be well prepared before the crisis strike – And using technology, as a “force-multiplier”.

Heads of Department for Security & Operations will be able to learn, how to leverage all departments to contribute to security objectives and create a culture of customer focus and security awareness, and to make the security department a revenue-generating, cost-cutting, substantial contributor to the bottom line, by using tactics using safety and security standards/proficiencies, which will/can/have been used as a sales and marketing tool, for business growth.

Sales & Marketing Opportunities at Tourism & Hospitality Security Asia Pacific 2016

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