The LAUNCH of the ONLY
Vaccine and Immunotherapy Focused Platform for Asia!

25 – 27 June 2019 | Singapore

Vaccine and Immunotherapy World Asia will be the only vaccine and immunotherapy focused platform in Singapore for Asia that will bring together global partners and regional stakeholders to leverage partnership opportunities, learn about the latest technological advancements and spearhead scientific innovation. This inaugural event will play host to the BIG Pharma, International Biopharmas, Asian Biopharma, Academic & Research Institutes, Regulatory Authorities, NGOs, Solution Providers and Technocrats. If Asia’s vaccine and immunotherapeutics business matters to you, then Vaccine and Immunotherapy World Asia 2019 is the place to be!

Why should you attend Vaccine and Immunotherapy World Asia 2019?

  • The ONLY Vaccine and Immunotherapy Focused Platform for Asia on development, scientific innovation and manufacturing best practices and case studies for the region.
  • Access a complete network of Asian and Global vaccine and immunotherapy experts, solution providers and other stakeholders.
  • To position Asia as a leading technological and scientific innovation hub for vaccines and immunotherapeutics globally.

Get involved by taking your first step, contact:

→ Speaking Opportunities ←
Kashmiira Nayar
Conference Producer
T. +65 3109 0122

→ Sponsorship & Exhibition Opportunities ←
Akshay Shukla
Partner – Growth
T. +65 3109 0156

→ Conference Registration & Media Partnership ←
Akanksha Mittal
Marketing Executive
T. +65 3109 0158