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According to the Health Ministry of Singapore, two more new cases of the Wuhan virus have been confirmed, bringing the total number of infected people to seven.  

This heightens fears across the country though there were no signs of it spreading in the community yet.  

Of all the cases confirmed, a trend of those infected coming from Hubei province was discovered.   

It includes travel bans or transit bans to those passport holders of Hubei or those who have traveled there recently.   

There are also about 2,000 people who have recently traveled to Hubei who will be required to be assessed and quarantined.   

Refusal to comply with these new implementations are subjected to severe penalties or even possible jail time.  

The new enhanced restrictions implemented by the authorities will be mostly applied to three groups; recent travelers from Hubei that are already in Singapore, returning residents of Singapore or long-term pass holders with travel history to Hubei or with China passports issued in Hubei, and new visitors with a travel history to Hubei or China passports issued in Hubei. 

(Source: Straits Times, 2020)