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AGC Biologics, a dedicated Contract Development, and Manufacturing Organization company announced the acquisition of a state-of-the-art commercial manufacturing facility in Colorado, United States of America. The facility used to be owned by AstraZeneca.

The new facility will provide AGC Biologics with additional capacity and a significantly larger production scale. The facility is expected to commence full-scale operations and manufacturing by April 2021.

The facility houses a total of two 20,000 liter stainless steel mammalian cell bioreactors and it also has more than twenty acres with multiple opportunities for future expansions, including space for up to four more 20,000 liter bioreactors. The automated and cost-effective facility is very well suited for high volume commercial production and high titer antibody processes.­­­

This new addition of the facility will enable AGC Biologics to support a wider range of commercial demands as they expect to expand its customer portfolio.

Also, they are currently completing its major facility expansion projects at locations such as Seattle, Copenhagen, and Chiba facilities.

AGC Biologics’ Chief Executive Officer, Patricio Massera said that the new addition will support AGC Biologics’ company-wide expansion initiative, which demonstrates their dedication to supporting its customers’ demand for current and future mammalian projects.

(Source: PR News Wire, 2020)