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MaxCyte says its clinically validated electroporation technology will help increase efficiency and improve the yield of Allogene’s allogeneic CAR-T therapy candidates.

For this to happen, Allogene has constantly stressed the importance of manufacturing, investing “considerable time and resources” to the process. Allogene signed a deal to use MaxCyte’s ExPERT platform to progress its candidates through to commercialization.

A spokesperson from MaxCyte states that their ExPERT platform is an electroporation technology capable of high-performance delivery into multiple cell types including primary cells, stem cells, and cell lines with minimal disturbance resulting in routine efficiency at greater than 90%.

They add that the platform is clinically validated with an established regulatory path supported by an FDA Master File, closed, cGMP compliant, and scalable.

Similarly with MaxCyte’s clinical and commercial licenses, Allogene is licensing the tech on a non-exclusive agreement within a defined field. MaxCyte will receive undisclosed development, approval, and commercial milestones in addition to other licensing fees.

The spokesperson adds that the added “technology and expertise allows Allogene to increase efficiency and improve yield, which is the critical component of Allogene’s AlloCAR T therapies”.

(Source: Bio Process International, 2020)