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Both Avectas and Vycellix are partners in NextGenNK, a center based on the advancement of NK Cell-based cancer immunotherapies in Stockholm, Sweden. The two companies will combine their know-how to progress the novel RNA immunomodulator, VY-M. 

Avectas will grant access to its Solupure platform, which Vycellix will utilize to deliver its product candidate, VY-M, to T cells and NK cells. Vycellix’s president, Douglas Calder, says that the use of Solupure will allow for the increased expansion time of T cells and NK cells by decreasing the non-dividing lag times with the overall aim being in reducing the vein-to-vein delivery time to patients. 

Additionally, both companies hope to cut down the cost of manufacturing and develop proprietary approaches for cell-based immunotherapeutic products.

The combined research of the two companies will be split into the Karolina Institutet and Avectas’ Dublin, Ireland facility. Vycellix will use this platform to help in the development of its agenda of therapies which includes VY-101, a retergated optimized NK cell therapy. 

Avectas signed an agreement to use the platform alongside the Centre for Commercialization of Regenerative Medicine to accelerate the cell engineering process.

(Source: Biopharma Reporter, 2020)