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On 7th October, Medigen announced its plans to join forces with Medinet to develop new treatments for cancer patients.

Though banned in Asia because of its potential fatal after-effects, Medigen hopes to develop better options for cancer treatments.

Medigen is in the midst of the completion of adhering to the legal regulations regarding cell therapies. This is to ensure that plans to expand the cell therapy market is goes smoothly. 

Medigen will be using Medinet’s immune cell “Gamma Delta T cell” also known as “GDT cell” in its development process.

When it was implemented in over 30 medical organizations in Japan, it proved positive results from bone metastasis and gastric cancer patients.

They have also authorized their technology to a Scottish biotechnology company before that was conducting medical trials to treat lung cancer and other types of cancer.

Not only this collaboration will help in expanding the cell therapy market. It will also help in providing a new option of treatment to cancer patients, if the collaboration pans out successfully.