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According to Qasim Rafiq (Ph.D.) senior lecturer in University College of London, Data Analytics and Automated Decision-Making are more relevant now than robotic pipetting.    

Mr. Rafiq said that according to Contract Development and Manufacturing Organizations, automation and analytics are far more useful in their processes than the monopolized thinking that robotic pipetting is the new trend in the industry.    

His latest study is focused on crafting a digital control strategy to manufacture CAR-T cells in stirred-tank bioreactors.

In his study, he was able to reduce the timelines and the number of resources required to achieve optimum cell growth.  

Furthermore, it also helped increased by five times the yield from slow-growing donor cells that can be adapted to manufacturing processes according to the requirements of the patient.    

His next research on cell and gene therapy has been funded by UK’s Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council.  

The study aims to develop a manufacturing system that will cut the costs of transferring cells to the lab all through the use of data analytics and automated decision-making technologies.    

Dr. Qasim contends that data analytics and automated decision-making are the next big trends in the cell and gene therapeutics industry.    

(Source: GEN News, 2019)