Cell Therapy Manufacturing and Supply Chain

Cell Therapy Manufacturing and Supply Chain

Traditional drug development patterns have given way to novel biologic drugs and more recently, the advent of cell therapies. Globally, there has been a surge of R&D efforts and developments in cell therapies and the eventual success of such therapies is dependent on the ability to build manufacturing strategies and a supply chain that are robust and scalable. The industry is looking for strategies and solutions surrounding key issues such as the use of single-use/disposable bioreactors to support small volume, large value manufacturing, implementing solutions for real-time monitoring of the manufacturing process, setting up requirement-specific manufacturing facilities, cold chain packaging, cryogenic logistics, raw material sourcing and qualification etc.

Cell Therapy Manufacturing and Supply Chain as part of Biologics Manufacturing Asia is bringing together key stakeholders in Cell Therapy Supply Chain, CMC, Scale-Out Manufacturing and Large-Scale Commercialization amongst others to convene regarding the manufacture and supply chain of autologous and allogenic cell therapies at scale at the largest bioprocess business and technology convention in Asia Pacific!

Pressing topics regarding flexible CMC strategies, cell processing, control of temperature excursions, qualification of raw materials, cold chain packaging and logistics complexities, regulatory changes and updates, analytical methods, scalability, bioreactors, next-generation production technologies, automation, closed systems and facility design will be discussed.

In 2020, 500+ biomanufacturing stakeholders from BIG Pharma, Cell Therapy Focused Biopharmas, Contract Development and Manufacturing Organisations, Logistics Providers, 3PLs, Academic & Research Institutes, Regulatory Authorities across Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan, Japan, Australia, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, and China will congregate to discover, discuss and debate on the best practices in the manufacture and supply of cell therapies at scale, while optimizing on affordability, quality and speed!

Topics Covered

  • Optimizing Scale Up and Manufacturing of Cell Therapy
  • Scale-Up Strategies for Cell Therapies
  • Semi-automated closed system (SACS) for cell/gene therapy processes
  • Optimising Manufacture of Small Batch Size Autologous ATMPs for rare diseases
  • Case Study on the Celgene’s Commercial Manufacturing of CAR-T
  • Design Requirements for Cost-Effective Cell Therapy Manufacturing Facilities
  • Case study on the Singaporean Ecosystem for the Cell Therapy Industry

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