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A second person has died in Wuhan, China following the infection of the new coronavirus that has been making headlines over the past few days.   

A 69-year-old man has been infected with the virus on top of having an abnormal renal function and severe damage to multiple organs. He was admitted to the hospital for treatment but died a few days later.   

There are at least 41 people that have been diagnosed with pneumonia linking to the coronavirus in Wuhan.

The Wuhan Health Commission said that 12 people have been discharged from the hospital while 5 remains with serious conditions.   

Both Thailand and Japan have reported its second case and first case respectively last Thursday.

The exact cause remains unclear causing fears among China’s neighboring countries.   

Thailand’s Health Minister said that the situation is under control and that proper measures are being implemented to prevent the outbreak in Thailand.

Thailand authorities have also started implementing screenings at the airport for those that traveled to Wuhan to single out those who might have been infected with the viral virus.   

As the Chinese New Year Holidays approaches the World Health Organization (WHO) has advised any travel or trade restrictions based on the current known information as little information regarding the cause of the coronavirus is known.   

(Source: The Straits Times, 2020