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Beijing daily has reported that China will be launching its first-ever vaccine tracking app in March 2020.   

This is an effort to restore the reputation of the Chinese Pharmaceutical Industry that was heavily plagued with many controversies.

Recent issues such as the distribution of unapproved HPV vaccines, irresponsible distribution of over 500,000 hazardous vaccines that resulted in many disabilities and deaths has damaged the reputation of the Pharmaceutical Industry.   

The vaccine tracking app was initiated by the National Medical Products Administration.

Through scanning the given QR codes, patients have access to various vaccine information. Information such as its batch number, expiration dates and licensed vaccine manufacturers.

The app allows regulators to monitor its inventory and shipping details as well.   

On top of the verification and transparency schemes that China will be implementing, efforts to issue penalties to those manufacturers that distribute vaccines that fall below the national standards.   

(Source: Sixth Tone, 2019)