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Codagenix Inc. recently announced a collaboration project with the Serum Institute of India to develop a live-attenuated vaccine against the current COVID-19 coronavirus.   

The new coronavirus that has caused fear around the globe causes mild to severe respiratory illnesses with symptoms of coughs and fever. Currently, there are no licensed vaccines to treat the novel coronavirus.  

A live-attenuated vaccine uses weakened viruses to stimulate a strong immune response, it includes multiple advantages such as mounting an immune response to multiple antigens of the virus and the ability to scale up for mass production.  

Dr. Poonwalla (CEO of Serum Institute of India) says that they hope to establish a platform to deal with new infectious diseases and outbreaks, by starting off with the COVID-19 epidemic through its partnership with Codagenix.   

Dr. Coleman (CEO of Codagenix) says that they are excited to collaborate with the Serum Institute of India, one of the world’s leading vaccine manufacturers. With financial and technical support from the Serum Institute of India, they are able to push a coronavirus vaccine into the clinic on an extremely rapid timeline.  

Codagenix uses viral de-optimization to synthesize rationally designed live-attenuated vaccines through their technology that allows for the rapid generation of multiple vaccine candidates against emerging viruses.   

Thanks to the major advances in technology in recent years, Codagenix has already designed multiple NcoV vaccine candidates. The vaccines will be grown and tested in vivo by contracted laboratories suitable for containment prior to clinical trials. Serum Institute of India will then scale up the manufacture of the vaccine, ensuring its availability to meet a critical public health need.   

(Source: BioSpectrum Asia Edition, 2020)