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Codexis has signed a strategic partnership and license agreement with Takeda for the study and development of novel gene therapies for certain disease indications, including the treatment of lysosomal storage disorders and blood factor deficiencies.

Codexis will produce novel gene sequences encoding protein variants tailored to increase efficiency as a result of increased activity, stability, and cellular uptake using its CodeEvolver protein engineering platform. Takeda will integrate these improved transgenes with its gene therapy capabilities to create novel candidates for the treatment of rare genetic disorders.

Takeda and Codexis will begin collaborative work on three initial programs. Codexis is responsible for producing novel enzyme sequences for advancement as gene therapies into pre-clinical development.

Takeda is in charge of the pre-clinical and clinical development and commercialization of gene therapy products resulting from the partnership programs. Additionally, Takeda may start up to four extra programs for independent target indications.

(Source: Contract Pharma, 2020)