Commonly Asked Q&A:

Commonly Asked Q&A

What is the purpose of having the Asia-Pacific Bioprocessing Excellence Awards? 

The Asia-Pacific Bioprocessing Excellence Awards (ABEA) seeks to recognize organizations within Asia Pacific Region who have engaged in substantial efforts to innovate, optimize processes and uphold high level of efficacy, quality and safety in biological products manufacturing.  

Nominations are free and open to all members of the industry. You don’t have to be a subscriber, an advertiser, a sponsor or a client of IMAPAC’s conferences to be nominated or to win.

How many years have the awards been held? 

We have been hosting the Biologics Manufacturing World Asia conference since 2010. Backed by overwhelming industry requests, we started hosting the 1st Asia-Pacific Bioprocessing Excellence Awards in 2017. 

What are the differences between sub- and main- category awards? 

The award categories are split into Main and Sub Categories. The subcategories are awards recognizing companies for achievements in specific discipline and country, e.g. Cell Line Development in China. The main category are awards that recognize overall accomplishments of the nominee companies across disciplines and whole Asia Pacific regions, e.g. Upstream Manufacturing in Asia Pacific. 

When are the winners announced? 

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, our awards ceremony has been shifted online and hence, the winners will be announced on 16-18 March 2020 during the virtual ceremony held in conjunction with the Biologics Manufacturing Asia and BioLogistics World Asia conferences.

How will the award ceremony look like for subcatergory winners and main catergory winners? 

Subcategory award ceremonies will be held during the 2-day conference of Biologics Manufacturing World Asia 2021, and winners of sub-category will be awarded of Certificate of Excellence.

Who are the past winners of ABEA? – 2020 winners below! 

Who is the organiser? 

IMAPAC is a social enterprise headquartered in Singapore that is on an unrelenting mission to provide valuable intelligence and contacts to biopharma industry of today. Our products include but not limited to industry bespoke market intelligence, report, conferences, workshops and exhibitions. 


What are the criteria for a company to be nominated  for the Asia-Pacific Bioprocessing Excellence Awards? 

The criteria for a company to be eligible for the Asia-Pacific Bioprocessing Excellence Awards are: 

  • The company should be an organization that are involved in biopharmaceutical development and/or manufacturing with a notable presence in the Asia Pacific region. 
  • The company should have displayed significant developments in the past few years 

Who can make a nomination? 

The awards are open to anyone who meets the criteria of the related category. 

Can I nominate myself or my own company? 

We accept self-nominated and third party entries for both organizations and individuals. 

How many submissions can be made for the same individual or organization? 

There are no limits to how many unique submissions can be made by an individual or organization as long as they meet the eligibility requirements for the category / region. 

Is my submission confidential? 

Yes, all award nominations are treated as strictly confidential. Only the ABEA Awards team and judging panel will view them. 

Someone else nominated my organization, can I know who and what was nominated? 

No. All award nominations are strictly confidential

Judging and winning

Who are the judges? 

Judges are a team of 8 external, anonymous judges who are a diverse make up of industry professionals, community experts, regional representatives and past winners from all across the region. 

What is the judging process?  

Please visit the Judging process page. 

Did award winners pay or sponsor to win? 


Commerical and sponsorship opportunities

Are there any sponsorship opportunities at this award?  

If your organization would like to sponsor the award and help recognize your industry peers, please get in touch with our sponsorship sales team to discuss further by emailing Charmaine at or Ana at

Are there any press coverage or commercial advertisement opportunities like photoshoot provided for award winners? Do organizers charge a fee for it? 

Yes media are invited to attend the awards and press releases will be published after the Gala dinner to announce the winners to the press. Photographies are taken and provided to the award winners, free of charge. Your PR company are welcome to take advantage of the opportunity to further release any company specific press releases to your chosen media without restrictions. However, IMAPAC reserves the right for final explanation about the awards and its process and guidelines. 

Who are the voters? How are they qualified?  

Any member from the biopharmaceutical industry is a qualified voter. We qualify them by unique valid corporate email addresses

Logistics (For Physical Ceremonies)

I am unable to attend the awards ceremony, what happens if I win? 

If you have made the shortlist, the ABEA committee will then make contact to find out if you are attending the awards ceremony. If you are unable to make the event, we will ask you to provide us with contact details of someone who could collect your award on your behalf if you win. 

I would like to only attend the award ceremony gala dinner but not the conference, can I still collect my sub-category award? 

Yes you can. Please apply to register as a trade visitor and contact the organiser at so that we can inform you the timeslot when your sub-category award will be announced, so you can standby at the exhibition hall prior and notify our staff onsite who will guide you further. 

My organisation was informed that we have won an award but then the final winner will only be announced at the gala dinner, so does that mean we won or we are just a finalist nominee company? 

All organizations that are invited to attend the Gala dinner has won the sub-category award. In the meantime, your organization become a finalist to the main category award, where the results will only be announced at the gala dinner. Award certificates will be given to sub-category winners during the conference and Award trophies will be given to main category winners during the Award Ceremony Gala Dinner.  

Logistics (For Virtual Ceremonies)

I am unable to attend the awards ceremony, what happens if I win? 

If you have made the shortlist, the ABEA committee will request you to provide the details of someone who will be able to collect the award on your behalf if you win. If no one is able to attend the ceremony, we will announce it regardless and proceed on to the next category without the acceptance speech. The certificate will be sent to you after the ceremony