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Cytiva (formerly known as GE Healthcare Life Sciences) will be developing a sample resin to support a COVID-19 vaccine candidate that is to be developed by the University of Queensland.

A team from the University of Queensland has been working on a fast-tracked vaccine against COVID-19 through the use of its molecular clamp technology. This technology was developed by their in-house scientists and has been patented by Uniquest.

The usage of the technology will help provide stability to the viral protein that is the primary target in our immune defense, it enables the fast development of vaccines for viruses such as Influenzas, Ebola, Nipah, and MERS. The team has been developing this vaccine since January as tasked by the Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Innovations (CEPI)  and was able to achieve a proof of concept, just weeks after.

To advance to the next development milestone of this vaccine, the University of Queensland will be partnering with Cytiva to help provide manufacturing support and technology support to the overall program.

Cytiva will be providing support in the development of clinical trial phase I vaccine at the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO), an Australian government scientific research group and will also be making a specific prototype affinity resin for vaccine purification and support scale-up with planning underway for phase II material manufacturing through its Fast Trak center.

President of Cytiva, Emmanuel Ligner said that the COVID-19 pandemic has helped create a knit between the scientific community and said that the company is determined to provide support in accelerating the work of vaccine researchers like the team at the University of Queensland.

The University of Queensland has also been partners with Viroclinics Xplore, Lonza, and Thermo Fisher Scientific, and the team has also been given access to key adjuvant technology from CSL/Seqirus, Dynavax, and GSK.

(Source: BioProcess International, 2020)