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The number of deaths reported due to the Wuhan coronavirus has topped 100, with over 4,600 cases reported in China alone. The coronavirus has also been spreading to more than 17 countries, causing concern worldwide as authorities struggle to stop its spread.   

Numerous Asian countries have started placing extra screenings and restrictions on those who might have traveled from China.

Countries like Mongolia have imposed tight border checks on travelers entering the country, while Hong Kong has banned all those people from Wuhan.   

All movements in Wuhan city have been reported to be on lockdown and, 60 million people have been placed under travel restrictions in Hubei.

Crackdowns on the trade of wildlife are also in place after being linked to the cause of the coronavirus.   

The first cases of the coronavirus were first reported in the middle of December 2019. Just weeks after now, the number of reported cases has increased by a thousandfold.

According to Mr. Schaffner, a longtime adviser to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention the infection is way more contagious than anticipated as it spreads rapidly across the world.   

Hundreds of emergency medical staff have been dispatched to Wuhan with two new medical facilities opening by next week in hope of suppressing the spread of the virus. 

(Source: CNN International, 2020)