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Fluidigm Corporation, an innovative biotechnology tools provider, recently announced its collaboration with Bethyl Laboratories to provide a broader verified antibody access for researchers using Fluidigm’s Imaging Mass Cytometry™ technology.

Fluidigm’s Chief Scientific Officer, Andrew Quong said that the tools used for understanding the immune system are more important than to researchers as they aim to improve human health, particularly in responding to challenges posed by the current COVID-19.

Fluidigm offers over 100 pathologists verified metal conjugated Maxpar antibodies for use with Imaging Mass Cytometry (IMC), including antibodies verified for use with both formalin-fixed, paraffin-embedded and frozen tissues. With the additional offerings through Bethyl, Fluidigm will be providing access to a collection of antibodies that will increase in number over time and branch into new research areas for Imaging Mass Cytometry (IMC).

Fluidigm’s President and Chief Executive Officer, Chris Linthwaite said Imaging Mass Cytometry (IMC) has changed translational and clinical research in cancer, immuno-oncology, and immune-mediated diseases.

(Source: Global News Wire, 2020)