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Two BIG Pharma, GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) and Sanofi has recently announced its agreement into developing an adjuvanted vaccine against COVID-19.

Both companies expect to begin Phase I clinical trials in the latter half of the year, with hopes that the vaccine will be available for use in the second half of the following year.   

GSK’s Chief Executive Officer, Emma Walmsley explained that though this vaccine needs more time to be developed than any other vaccines, the world needs more than one vaccine to protect against further outbreaks of the virus.   

More and more companies have been collaborating to develop treatments against COVID-19, combining each one’s expertise to develop the best possible treatment. With the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation bringing together many of the largest pharmaceutical companies in the world to collaborate against COVID-19.   

In this case, Sanofi will be bringing its S-Protein COVID-19 antigen to GSK’s adjuvant technology to develop the potential vaccine. According to the companies, this method has been used in multiple vaccines currently available on the market, where adjuvant technology is used to enhance immune response and provide longer-lasting immunity against infections than the vaccine alone. This also allows for the vaccine to be able to be manufactured at a larger scale.   

Both companies have set up a collaboration task force headed by its vaccine leaders, to accelerate the development of the vaccine.   

(Source: BioPharma Reporter, 2020)