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A snippet from our Asia-Pacific Biologics CMO Facilities 2020 report

Irrefutably, CMOs hold a key component of the biopharmaceutical industry, enabling biologics to be manufactured in high quantities efficiently. They also present a cost-effective option for biopharmaceutical companies without the in-house capacity to conduct large-scale manufacture. With new CMOs cropping up year on year and the requirements of the biopharmaceutical companies growing, it is pertinent to fully equip ourselves with knowledge of these CMOs and therefore, the options available to us. This would surely govern our decisions pertaining to strategy and business in the coming months and years.

In light of this need for knowledge of the CMO space, in the earlier half of 2020, IMAPAC conducted a poll on the brand perception of Contract Manufacturing Organizations (CMOs) in Asia. The survey was conducted with biopharma and big-pharma companies in countries from the APAC, Europe and the Americas and feedback was obtained on the CMOs of their choice in each region and the possible reasons for choosing them.

Respondents of the survey include companies from Daewoong Pharmaceutical, GC Pharma, Taimed Biologics, Janssen and more. The respondent companies are either currently manufacturing their products in- house, outsourcing their manufacturing to a CMO, looking manufacture their products in-house in the future or looking to outsource to a CMO. The respondent analysis on the job title and stage of production can be found above and on the manufacturing capabilities below.

Motivating their choice of CMO was the type of equipment and technologies the CMOs use. Other reasons cited were the number of successful project completed, years of experience in the industry, price, facility design innovation and more.

Noting this, the Asia-Pacific Biologics CMO Facilities report has pulled together not only the industry’s choice of CMO, but an entire repertoire of their plant capacities which could enable you to discover the size of the facility, its capacity and batch sizes available. It delves into the CMO facilities, highlighting the location, year of establishment of its facility and a summary of its expression systems and more. It consolidates GMP certifications and covers CMOs’ expansion plans in the next three to five years. Most importantly, it equips you with knowledge that allows you make crucial business decisions regarding your manufacturing strategies.

kashmiira nayar imapac marketing manager

Kashmiira is IMAPAC’s Marketing Manager – Branding & Content Strategy, responsible for driving demand generation, content marketing and brand development strategies. She is also actively involved in the company’s digital transformation efforts with the launch of its webcast and virtual conferences, digital ads and market reports.

Prior to her role in marketing, she was instrumental to the project management and production of IMAPAC’s life science conferences. Follow her on LinkedIn.