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Influenza A cases are reported in Selangor with over 20 students showing symptoms of fever, coughs, and flu which was eventually diagnosed as Influenza A.   

Influenza A, also known as H1N1 is a highly contagious respiratory disease caused by a strain of an influenza virus.   

According to Dr. Sha’ari, Director of Selangor Health that the outbreak is under control and has allowed most patients to go home after receiving treatment and most were in a stable condition, thus, there was no need to shut down schools for the fear of the spreading of the Influenza.   

The health authorities advised parents of sick children not to let their children go to school but seek professional medical attention to ensure that contact with the Influenza is prevented.   

They also declared that the education department will take proactive measures to control the spread of the outbreak by giving out face masks in schools.   

(Source: New Straits Time, 2020)