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A Japanese based biotech company, Transgene, who designs and develops virus-based immunotherapies for the treatment of cancer, and IT leader, NEC Corporation announced that they will be presenting data at the upcoming American Association for Cancer Research. The data shows a prediction algorithm used to customize TG4050 for each patient is accurate in identifying immunogenic cancer mutations even among a large set of candidate mutations.

Based on Transgene’s myvac technology, TG4050 is an individualized therapeutic vaccine. Phase 1 trials with TG4050 are currently ongoing in Europe and the USA.

TG4050 is designed to stimulate the immune system in producing a T-cell response that can identify and kill the tumor cells based on their neoantigens. This individualized immunotherapy is developed for every kind of patient and can be developed in a very short time frame.

During its studies, to evaluate the accuracy of the prediction, samples from cancer patients were collected. Healthy and tumor tissue were sequenced, and mutations were identified and ranked using the algorithm. These were then evaluated by measuring the frequency of T cells against the predicted antigens.

This candidate is now being evaluated in Phase 1 clinical trials for patients with ovarian cancers (NCT03839524) and HPV-negative head and neck cancers (NCT04183166).

(Source: Bio Spectrum Asia, 2020)