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Philadelphia’s Jefferson Organized for Bioprocessing (JIB) will be using buffers and titer packs provided by Gyros Protein Advances in its training programs.

Last June, JIB opened its doors in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania with support from Ireland’s National Organized for Bioprocessing Investigate and Preparing (NIBRT). 

The center has recently inked a contract with immunoassay and peptide union firm Gyros Protein Advances (Part of Mesa Research facilities) to utilize its immunoassay framework and ready-to-use units as part of its bioprocessing preparing programs. 

The center aims to train around 2,500 individuals in biomanufacturing operations per year at Philadelphia’s Jefferson Institute for Bioprocessing (JIB) as they incorporate buffers and titer kits supplied by Gyros Protein Technologies in its training programs.

Gyros’ Senior Vice President of Sales, Katherine Flagg said that they are pleased to help scale up industry knowledge in bioanalytics technologies for bioprocessing, supporting JIB’s goals around increasing knowledge of industry professionals. She added that the firm will also be providing services for smaller companies through the use of its equipment, generating biologics for preclinical up to, including toxicology studies to transfer scale-up to a contract manufacturing organization. 

JIB will be using technologies such as Gyrolab xPlore, Bioaffy CDs, Rexxip buffers, and Gyrolab impurity and titer kits.

(Source: BioProcess International, 2020)