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Following my article on 5 Ways I Used Webcasts to Boost Lead Generation, I’d like to share with you some key findings surrounding the viewership we achieved through our Corona360 In-Conversation webcast series.

Totaling an impressive 2770 views and registering 937 attendees, our 1st webcast series was indeed a success. We had the pleasure of hosting vaccine industry professionals from Australia, Bangladesh, Germany, India, South Korea, Malaysia, Nigeria, Philippines, Singapore, South Africa, Thailand, UK and USA – to name a few. In the following figures, I’d like to break down some of the statistics:

% of Viewers By Region
% of Viewers By Job Profile

A large part of our viewership came from the APAC region and the Americas. In addition, we found that most of our viewers tended to be mid-level or senior management (managers, heads, directors and VPs) as well as a fair number of researchers and scientists. Their focus areas were on R&D, clinical development, clinical trials, production, business development, and sales.

Most of our audience were from Academic/Research Institutes, Asian Vaccine Manufacturers, Technology/Service Providers and Non-Profit Organizations as in the figure below.

% of Viewers By Type Of Organization

We hope this gives you a quick but informative summary of the key findings from our Corona360 In-Conversation webcasts. Given that it was the launch of our webcast division here at IMAPAC, we are immensely proud of the traction it has gained thus far. The response we got has definitely left us brimming with excitement with the next installation of our webcast series: Bioprocessing360 In Conversation!

So keep your eyes peeled for more information in the coming weeks. Till then, I shall leave you with a short video we put together as a wrap-up of Corona360 In-Conversation.

kashmiira nayar imapac marketing manager

Kashmiira Nayar

Kashmiira is a marketing manager at IMAPAC, responsible for driving lead generation, content creation and brand awareness. Prior to her role in marketing, she was instrumental to the project management and production of IMAPAC’s life science conferences. Follow her on LinkedIn.