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The number of cases for Measles rises as inaccessible healthcare services increases.   

World Health Organization (WHO) reported that more than 140,000 people died from measles in 2018, where most deaths were among children and infants.

This is due to the high trend of low vaccination take-up among children which many, held parents accountable for their alleged refusal against the MMR (Measles, Mumps, and Rubella) vaccination and immunization program.    

However, according to a research study the increased number of measles cases’ was due to the tedious process of going through the program itself.

And not because parents refused to give permission for their children to go through it.

The study revealed that parents with children who have yet to receive the necessary vaccinations have highlighted that most of them have not received letters or reminders for the program.

Furthermore, appointments are only given based on staff’s availability and this is an addition to the poor facilities and long waiting times that parents have to experience.

The PCT hopes to use the study results to organize teams of health professionals that will conduct home visitations to those children who have yet completed the program.

This is to counter measure the increase of measles cases’ among children.    

This situation should set an example for those in the health industry to understand the significant role they play in such issues rather than pushing all the blame to the other receiving end.    

(source: The Guardian, 2019)