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Malaysian Medical Association (MMA) calls on flu vaccine suppliers to prioritize distributing flu vaccine supplies to General Practitioners (GPs) over private hospitals.   

According to Dr. Ganabaskaran, visits to general practitioners are at over 70 million annually with 80% of which are regular or returning patients in Malaysia alone.

GPs are preferred by the public as it is the most available and accessible channel in obtaining various vaccines.  

He also pointed out that GPs are always the last to receive supplies with priority given to public hospitals and private hospitals, respectively.

And this leads to the insufficient vaccinations that the general public receives that eventually results in many people vulnerable to different influenzas.   

Dr. Ganabaskaran calls for suppliers to take on a proactive role in ensuring that supplies are well distributed to ensure that the maximum amount of people are well protected against any kind of sudden influenza occurrences.   

The Penang State Health Department has recorded that there are at least 10 clusters of influenza illnesses that contracted by 62 individuals between the period of December 29-30 alone.

Recently, a viral mysterious outbreak from Wuhan City, China has been making headlines of newly reported cases every day, with the most recent reported case is from Singapore.   

This further validates the important role that vaccine suppliers play in ensuring that shortages are prevented at all costs in occurrences like these.    

(Source: Malay Mail, 2020)