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Polio virus under the radar again after being subdued back in 1992.   

Poliomyelitis Virus also known as Polio Virus, is a crippling and potentially deadly infectious disease that can invade a person’s brain and spinal cord which could lead to permanent disabilities or even lead to death.

Polio virus is highly infectious and transfers from person to person contact, with young children being more vulnerable to the polio virus and currently, there is no cure for polio virus but can be prevented with vaccines.  

A three-month-old boy from Tuaran, Sabah was diagnosed with polio virus type 1 (VDPV1) and is currently being observed and treated in an isolated intensive care unit.

The re-occurrence of the polio virus among the population can only be due to its unclean environments and its population being under-immunized by vaccines against the polio virus.

According to Dr. Noor Hisham Abdullah (Director General of Health), measures are underway to counter the dissemination of the polio virus after investigation results showed that 23 out of 199 children are revealed to have yet received immunization vaccines for poliomyelitis.

Teams of health professionals are being dispatched to areas in which vaccination rates are low to ensure that immunization rates are higher than 95%.   

Polio virus is highly infectious and harmful especially when left uncontrolled as it can mutate into an active virus and cause another epidemic crisis.

Thus, proper measures against poliomyelitis must be implemented.

(Source: Malay Mail, 2019)