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The Pneumosil, a vaccine developed by Serum Institute of India Pte Ltd (SIIPL) and PATH and, funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation finally received its Prequalification (PQ) certificate from the World Health Organization (WHO).

Pneumosil is able to treat different types of serious diseases that are caused by bacteria.

Pneumonia has caused over 400,000 deaths in children under five years of age all over the world due to the limited access to quality vaccines.   

The newly obtained certification from WHO will allow United Nation Agencies and the vaccine alliance (GAVI) to manufacture and distribute the Pneumosil vaccine at a lower price, providing an alternative and sustainable supply to developing countries.   

Pneumococcal conjugate vaccines are difficult for many to afford due to its high price that was set due to the manufacturing complexity of the vaccine.

Pneumosil’s manufacturing process was optimized to be more efficient in reduction of costs while preserving the quality of the vaccines.   

Dr. Dhere, executive director of the Serum Institute of India says, that the new vaccine can be manufactured at a high volume and cost will be reduced by 30%.   

Dr. Alderson, director of PATH’s pneumococcal vaccine project also added, that the new vaccine was specifically developed to be affordable, to maximize the number of people receiving the life-saving vaccine.  

Director of the pneumonia team at the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Dr. Klugman says that we can be hopeful that this new vaccine will give every child a healthy start at life and build stronger communities and economies.

(Source: PATH, 2019)