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With the acquisition of Bioproduction Group (Bio-G), a leading software provider for biomanufacturing, Emerson now boosts the detection of variability in biological processes by linking real-time data and databases with Bio-G Real-Time Modeling System software.

This software includes DeltaV DCS, Syncade MES, and Bio-G Realtime Modeling System and Scheduling applications for “what-if” improvement scenarios instead of “is it feasible?” scenarios. Bio-G’s detection and monitoring system model enables manufacturers to schedule and optimise many Life Sciences processes, ranging from product development/clinical, commercial manufacturing, active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) manufacturing to fill/finish packaging.

Utilising this software technology, it connects and analyses raw historical and real-time data, optimizing processes even in the event of abnormalities. The resulting schedule changes are then communicated to manufacturers through these Bio-G software applications and improve the biomanufacturing processes.

These powerful tools are the catalyst in increase production capacity and make suitable adjustments at any point during biomanufacturing production. By enabling biomanufacturers to understand the implications of changes made during real-time schedule changes, they can efficiently accommodate the resources and constraints at any point in the production process. (Source)

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