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MilliporeSigma shares that manufacturers are most unlikely to use conventional stainless steel systems when developing COVID-19 vaccines despite the expected high volume needed.

More and more biopharma race to rapidly develop vaccines against the novel COVID-19 pandemic. Biopharma such as Moderna Therapeutics with mRNA in Phase I trials, Inovio Pharmaceuticals’ DNA vaccine in its human trials phase, Novovax who is developing a vaccine based on its recombinant protein nanoparticle platform, and more.

According to the head of process solutions in MilliporeSigma, most leading vaccine programs on COVID-19 are using novel approaches that are largely built on single-use technologies.

Single-use technologies are said to be more flexible and induce lower costs than the traditional stainless steel equipment which are more suitable for pandemics such as COVID-19 that threatens a long-term market opportunity.

(Source: BioProcess International, 2020)