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Orgenesis Inc is collaborating with regenerative medicine and cell therapy firm RevaTis on a new cooperative endeavor to procure muscle-derived mesenchymal stem cells (mdMSC) as a source of exosomes and other various cellular products using RevaTis’s patented technique.

Both companies are hoping to develop on RevaTis’s previous success in animals to cultivate therapies and progress human trials while utilizing Orgenesis’s expertise and Point-of-Care platform inclusive of automated systems, 3D printing, and bioreactor technologies. 

Orgenesis Chief Executive Officer, Vered Caplan tells shareholders that the technology of RevaTis is highly differentiated, ideally suitable to Orgenesis’s CGT Biotech Platform. She adds that this exclusive partnership between the two further validates the significant value proposition of Orgenesis’s vertically integrated business model which allows Orgensesis, to consolidate the full process of therapeutic development and delivery of cell therapies within the patient care setting, through their Cell & Gene Biotech Platform. 

She further states that RevaTis’s current partnerships with research institutions in the United States, the Middle East, and India would be highly advantageous to Orgensis’s POCare Network. The company is looking forward to utilizing the Orgenesis Cell & Gene Biotech Platform to lower the costs and accelerate the timeline of bringing these innovative therapies through the clinic and, potentially into commercialization. 

On RevaTis’s end, Chief Executive Officer, Didier Serteyn says that RevaTis is happy to collaborate with Orgenesis on this new venture, he says that they decided to work with Orgeneis due to their expertise in the field of autologous cell therapies ranging from technical, clinical, and regulatory expertise. He concluded that this is a valuable chance for them to advance their platform through commercialization.

(Source: Proactive Investors, 2020)