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Pakistan introduces a new vaccine to provide immunity against extensive drug-resistant (XDR) Typhoid.   

The outbreak has affected over 10,000 children in Pakistan and have continued to spread to other countries, sparking fears over the epidemic.   

Pakistan’s first case of the global epidemic first surfaced in November 2016 at Sindh province and have then extended to different parts of Pakistan.   

The WHO pre-qualified vaccine (TCV) is said to be administered to 10 million children in Sindh province to prevent the spread of the epidemic disease.

This will be the first step that Pakistan is taking in implementing its immunization program against the disease.

The new Typhoid vaccine is described as “a more efficient immunization against Typhoid as compared to other Typhoid vaccines”, Chief of the Biological Production Division of the National Institute of Health, Ghazala Parveen said.   

According to Sharafudeen from The Vaccine Alliance (GAVI), TCV is Pakistan’s best tool in preventing the further spread of XDR especially since it can protect more of the most vulnerable as compared to any other vaccines.

He also added that the first implementations of this vaccine will help in preventing new Typhoid cases and as well preventing it from developing resistance.   

The new vaccine offers immunization in hopes to end the fears of the global epidemic of a highly contagious and life-threatening disease, Typhoid.   

(Source: BioEthics, 2019)