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PanCELLa announced that they have extended the license to Astellas for its proprietary cell technology that provides long-term allogeneic cell tolerance without immune suppression from patients. The agreement also includes a research collaboration plan to test and improve the usability and application of the immuno-cloaking technology (Stealth Cells). 

PanCELLa currently holds the exclusive commercial rights to the immuno-cloaking and FailSafe technologies, these technologies provide long-term utility for multiple therapeutic indications without the need for immune suppressants.

PanCELLa’s Founder & Chief Scientific Officer, Dr. Andras Nagy said that they are excited to begin work with Astellas, as its past work with Astellas has shown their commitment to and leadership in the regenerative medicine field. 

This new agreement will strengthen their relationship and will allow the company to expand and advance its own therapeutic programs, as they look forward to their growth in the field.

 (Source: Yahoo News, 2020)