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Pharmaceutical giant, Pfizer recently announced its plans to collaboratively develop a vaccine against COVID-19 with a German biotechnology company, BioNTech.

Both companies have signed a letter of intent yesterday (March 17, 2020) in regards to collaborating in developing and distributing a potential mRNA-based coronavirus vaccine to prevent any more infections of the virus.   

Through the collaboration, they hope to speed up BioNTech’s vaccine program, BNT162 which is expected to enter clinical testing by the end of April.  

CEO of BioNTech says that through the joint efforts of both companies, the acceleration of developing a vaccine against COVID-19 will be achieved, which is especially crucial in this time of need.  

CSO and President of Pfizer say that they believe through the collaboration between Pfizer’s development, regulatory and commercial capabilities along with BioNTech’s mRNA vaccine technology, they will be able to efficiently provide a solution in the face of the current worldwide pandemic.    

Both companies expect to utilize their multiple research and development sites to house the development activities of the potential COVID-19 vaccine.   

(Source: Pfizer, 2020)