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PharmaBlock has recently announced the opening of a new Chemistry and Engineering Technology Center (CETC) near its GMP manufacturing facility in Zhejiang, China.

The new CETC will help further strengthen PharmaBlock’s chemistry and engineering technology platforms as it aims to enable the production of greener, safer, and more efficient processes of its chemistry and manufacturing capabilities.

CETC offers various types of state of the art assets with a team of experts, they are committed to delivering innovative solutions with a focus on flow chemistry, micro packed bed reaction, biocatalysis, and an array of engineering technologies.

Including separation, crystallization, and application of DCS and process simulation and more. This niche problem-solving technology, which has been seen to be adopted more and more in the industry, is not only applied at the lab scale but also at the manufacturing scale.

According to the company, PharmaBlock customers will benefit from the addition of CETC in many ways. Most notably, the CETC will support more innovative solutions to help overcome scale-up problems that customers may face which results in shortened lead times and reduced overall costs.

The CETC will also continuously improve the scale-up processes of PharmaBlock’s building blocks, which could be used in many drug manufacturing.

(Source: Contract Pharma, 2020)