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Samsung Biologics and ImmuneOncia Therapeutics has received US Food and Drug Authority, Investigational New Drug’s (FDA IND) approval of its inhibitor antibody, IMC-002.   

According to the development and manufacturing agreement between two companies, ImmuneOncia Therapeutics will shortly commence the Phase I clinical trials of the product pipeline just right after the approval from the FDA.   

IMC-002 is an inhibitor antibody that blocks CD47-SIRP, an interaction between tumor cells and macrophages. IMC-002 is expected to help patients with metastatic or locally advanced solid tumors and relapsed or refractory lymphomas.   

With Samsung Biologics’ globally renowned CDO capabilities, they were able to receive the FDA’s approval easily. Samsung Biologics helped provide ImmuneOncia Therapeutics with various services in regards to cell line development, process development, non-clinical, and clinical material production during the development processes.    

Chief Executive Officer of ImmuneOncia Therapeutics, Yun Jeong Song said that they are astonished by the services that Samsung Biologics provided in all parts of the development processes.

Meanwhile, Chief Executive Officer of Samsung Biologics said that they are excited to join in ImmunOncia’s success and added that this recent IND approval is the result of the strong collaboration with ImmuneOncia. Samsung Biologics assured that they will continue to support ImmuneOncia and all its other partners ensuring that client satisfaction is achieved at all times. 

(Source: Contract Pharma, 2020)