We are in the business of providing Biotech, Pharma, Fine Chemicals & Academia solutions. With state of the art chromatography bulk media, resins, gels & equipment’s from the world’s best companies, we offer the best technical solutions & support.

The CellufineTM product line offers a broad range of chromatography resins for the purification of proteins, enzymes, and biomolecules. The media based on spherical cellulose beads, exhibits high chemical stability mechanical strength, higher flux and inherently bio-compatible. Applications include protein / polysaccharide purification, endotoxin removal, and used worldwide purifying vaccines, therapeutic enzymes, and virus concentration / purification. Cellulose media have significantly lower Leachable than comparable polymeric beads. Gel Filtration, IEX, Affinity, and HIC media available for broad range of biomolecules and applications. Cellufine customizes media / ligands, bead sizes for challenging purification process.

Besides growing and consolidating the business of international marketing of industrial products and chemical specialties, we undertake backward/forward integration activity to produce tailor-made value-added specialty products. “Our mission is to become a benchmark organization in this line of business by striving consistently to develop our organization, professional skills & infrastructure as to be highly effective in this competitive environment.”

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