OmniBRx is a bioprocess research & engineering company focused on the design and development of novel single-use bioreactors (SUB’s) for cell-culture based bioprocessing applications i.e. Vaccines, Cell & Gene therapies and biologics production. Based on proprietary Dynamic-Bed Reactor technology, the CellBRx single-use bioreactors are fully automated and robust biomanufacturing platforms for vaccine manufacturing with linear scalability of up to 500L (accommodating surface area of ~4800 m2 for cell attachment and growth – equivalent to 45700 numbers of roller bottles (1050 cm2 each). CellBRx bioreactors are specifically developed to reduce the batch to batch variation in bioprocessing and minimizing process failures in large scale operations.  Mixing, mass transfer and nutritional homogeneity is being maintained along with linear scalability. The CellBRx bioreactors significantly increases the volumetric productivity and offers ultimate process efficiency. With DBR technology, CellRBx technology can offer up to 90% cost reduction in upstream bioprocessing of vaccine and biologics manufacturing when compared with other conventional cell-culture technologies. The CellBRx bioreactors demands the smallest facility footprints (space saving) and offers ease of operation with robust process automation. Connect with us and enjoy the new era of limitless bioprocessing.