Pfanstiehl is the market leader of high purity / low endotoxin-low metal excipients for biologics, biosimilars, vaccines, cell culture media and injectable (liquid and lyophilized) formulations and supplies its products to nearly all of the leading global biopharmaceutical companies. Pfanstiehl was founded in 1919 and currently celebrating its 102nd anniversary year in 2021. Pfanstiehl is headquartered at Waukegan, IL, USA and has global presence with sales offices in Switzerland for EMEA & in Singapore for APAC.

Pfanstiehl has manufactured parenteral grade excipients for more than 50 years, and Pfanstiehl’s excipients are critical components in the majority of the top global blockbuster biopharmaceutical drugs & vaccines which have been administered to thousands of patients around the world. Pfanstiehl’s high purity, low endotoxin and low metals Carbohydrates & Amino acids are known as “best in class” due to their high purity, performance, consistency and quality attributes.

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