Pneumatic Scale Angelus is a manufacturer of continuous flow centrifuges for the biotech industry. The brands Centritech and CARR are well known in the industry for many years. Our main focus during the last years has been in the single-use centrifuges, offering the Centritech Lab III and CELL 8 for perfusion cell cultures at any scale and the UniFuge® Single-use Separation System for vaccine, stem cell and monoclonal antibody manufacturing. PSA now offers the U2k® Single-use Separation System for cell culture harvesting up to 2000 liters.
Pneumatic Scale Angelus is also the manufacturer of the CARR Powerfuge® and ViaFuge®. Both machines are industrial stainless steel continuous flow centrifuges, available in various sizes. While the ViaFuge® is used for mammalian cell separation, the Powerfuge® is our high G model for solid liquid separation.