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Pharmaceutical giant, Takeda hopes to strengthen its early-stage gene therapies in its pipelines through a long–term research agreement with Evotec GT. Takeda has numerous early-stage assets under its belt especially after recently acquiring Shire.

After it acquired Shire, hematology became part of Takeda’s core portfolio. This means that this collaboration with Evotec could offer the potential to strengthen its treatment base in the future.

The long-term partnership will support multiple targets within Takeda’s four core therapeutic areas such as Oncology, Rare Diseases, Neuroscience and Gastroenterology. Takeda’s global research head, Steven Hitchcock suggests that Takeda will primarily focus on Rare Diseases.

Few further details are known and Evotec acknowledged that an upfront payment and additional payments will be made over time.

Evotec GT is based in Orth an der Donau, Austria, and mainly specializes in the development of gene therapy for Hemophilia, Hematology, Metabolic and Muscle Diseases.

After the complete major acquisition of Shire, Takeda turned its focus on signing small deals to bolster its early-stage pipeline in the acquired portfolio.

(Source: Evotec GT, 2020)