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Singapore’s Ministry of Health (MOH) reported its third virus case from Wuhan last Thursday evening (January 16, 2020).   

According to the Ministry of Health, the patient has been admitted and isolated for further observations and treatments.   

The 69-year-old man that recently came back from Wuhan was diagnosed with pneumonia and is the third person to be suspected of the viral Wuhan virus.   

The first death (January 9th, 2020) from the virus was recently reported and has since then raised fears among people.   

The World Health Organization (WHO) emphasized that tightened countermeasures should be implemented considering the possibility that a wider outbreak will occur due to the upcoming Chinese New Year where most people are traveling across the borders. 

Countries near the region are taking extra precautions, by intensifying airport screenings and isolation of people with the suspected virus.   

(Source: The Straits Times, 2020