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Sanofi to acquire Kiadis’ Natural Killer Cell Therapies for $363 Million.

Sanofi has recently offered $363 million to acquire the Dutch firm Kiadis Pharma and get hold of cancer cell therapies based on a type of immune cells called natural killer cells.

From the acquisition, Sanofi will gain ownership of all of Kiadis’ programs, including a phase II-stage candidate for the treatment of blood cancer and a preclinical-stage therapy for COVID-19. 

Kiadis Pharma is one of the most advanced companies developing therapies based on natural killer cells.

(Source: Labiotech, 2020)

Agenus Doses its First COVID-19 Patient with its Cell Therapy.

Agenus recently announced the dosing of the first COVID-19 patient with agenT-797, an allogeneic cell therapy, through its subsidiary, AgenTus Therapeutics. The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has also cleared agenT-797 to treat patients with cancer. 

As a subsidiary of Agenus, AgenTus currently has unique access to Agenus’s portfolio of checkpoint antibodies and cancer vaccines which allows for optimal combinations with its cell therapies. 

This gives the company enormous flexibility to develop effective combinations with curative potential for patients with cancer and infectious disease at a significant cost advantage.

(Source: Global News Wire, 2020)

EU grants AVR-RD-01 Gene Therapy Orphan Drug Designation. 

The European Commission has recently granted orphan drug designation to Avrobio’s investigational gene therapy AVR-RD-01 for the treatment of Fabry disease. The grant will provide regulatory and financial incentives for the development of the therapy. 

AVR-RD-01 is a cell-based therapy that utilizes a patient’s modified hematopoietic stem cells to induce a functional AGA enzyme.

Phase 1/2 preliminary results showed that AVR-RD-01 was well-tolerated and showed sustained efficacy for the treatment of Fabry disease.

(Source: Fabry Disease News, 2020)