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Bone Therapeutics and Rigenerand to partner for the development of Cell Therapy products

Bone Therapeutics and Rigenerand recently announced that both companies would be partnering to develop and manufacture medicinal products for cell therapy applications, primarily for regenerative medicine and oncology.

This will result in both companies sharing extensive expertise in the process development and manufacturing of MSCs and cell and gene therapy medicinal products. Bone Therapeutics also selected Rigenerand to partner with for their additional experience with wider process development of advanced therapy medicinal products (ATMPs), including the conditioning and editing of MSCs.

The partnership aims to focus on different aspects of product and process development for Bone Therapeutics’ expanding therapeutic portfolio. Rigenerand will contribute to improving the processes involved in the development and manufacture of Bone Therapeutics’ MSC based allogeneic differentiated cell therapy products as they advance towards patients. 

In addition to Rigenerand’s MSC expertise, Bone Therapeutics also selected Rigenerand as a partner for Rigenerand’s GMP manufacturing facility in Italy.

(Source: Globe News Wire, 2021)

Marker Therapeutics completes its new manufacturing facility for MultiTAA-Specific T Cell Therapy products.

Marker Therapeutics recently announced that it has completed the construction and qualification of its cGMP manufacturing facility in Texas.

The new facility will enable the production of MultiTAA-specific T cell products and are designed to be scalable using modular processes. Marker Therapeutics has initiated the technology transfer process and expects the cGMP manufacturing facility to be fully operational in the first half of 2021.

The manufacturing of MultiTAA-specific T cell therapy for AML begins with collecting T cells from healthy donors. The T cells will be subsequently sent to the facility, where they isolate and select naturally occurring T cells that can recognize up to five unique tumor antigens. These tumor-specific T cells are then cryopreserved and shipped to clinical centers to be infused into the patient.

(Source: Biospace, 2021)

Precision Medicine Group to acquire Project Farma to expand its Cell & Gene Therapy pipeline 

Precision Medicine Group recently announced that they have acquired Project Farma that enables the manufacturing of life-changing medicines, with a unique focus in the rapidly growing area of cell and gene therapy. 

The acquisition adds Project Farma’s unique expertise to Precision’s suite of end-to-end cell and gene therapy capabilities to support development and commercialization. Project Farma has led more than a dozen manufacturing facility builds with capital investments greater than $1 billion. 

Project Farma will be part of Precision for Medicine, PMG’s research and development services arm. 

(Source: PR News Wire, 2021)