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OrganaBio launches new product lines to enable rapid development of Cell and Gene Therapies.

OrganaBio recently announced the launch of the MesenPAC™ and ImmunoPAC™ product lines, designed to support translational researchers in rapidly developing the next-generation cell-based therapies.

The new addition consists of the high-volume placenta and umbilical cord MSCs isolated and manufactured under xeno-free conditions. Paired with a high-efficiency bioprocess media system and supported by process recommendations for rapid expansion, the MesenPAC system generates lot sizes in the billions of cells in a matter of days, compared to the months of cell culture necessitated by traditional MSC culture regimens.

Meanwhile, the ImmunoPAC product offering consists of NK cells isolated via positive selection from fresh umbilical cord blood. Cells demonstrate high viability and purity post-thaw. Also, all donors are HLA typed, and this information is provided with each cell lot manufactured.

OrganaBio is setting new industry standards with its new addition of product lines.

(Source: Biospace, 2020)

Orgenesis to Acquire Koligo Therapeutics.

Orgenesis and Koligo Therapeutics recently announced that they will be entering into a definitive merger agreement, subject to final closing conditions, with expected completion before the year-end.

Koligo is a leader in developing personalized cell therapies utilizing autologous cells. Koligo has successfully launched its first commercial product, KYSLECEL, and plans to commence a phase 2 trial of KT-PC-301 for COVID-19-related ARDS. It also has a 3D-V bioprinting technology designed to support the development of several product candidates for the treatment of diabetes, cancer, neurodegenerative disease, and other serious diseases. 

Under the terms of the merger agreement, Orgenesis will acquire all of the outstanding stock of Koligo from its shareholders.

Following the acquisition, Orgenesis plans to accelerate the commercial scaleup of KYSLECEL throughout the United States and the international market.

(Source: Globe News Wire, 2020)

Graphite Bio launches gene-editing platform after receiving $45 million of funding.

Graphite Bio has launched its gene-editing platform after raising $45 million of funding in Series A round. The Series A round was led by Samsara BioCapital and Versant Ventures.

The funding will be used to support Graphite’s rapidly maturing pipeline, and particularly its lead program in sickle cell disease (SCD). Graphite’s next-generation gene-editing platform aims to overcome some of the challenges that have faced CRISPR/Cas9 approaches, as well as gene therapies.

Graphite aims to use its site-specific integration approach to precisely repair a damaged portion of the gene to completely replace a failing gene or insert a range of therapeutic genetic cargoes into genomic regions. This would allow Graphite’s platform to correct the underlying cause of many severe genetic diseases, as well as other disease areas.

This approach is seen as a more durable expression and minimizes toxicity from off-target insertions than conventional approaches.

(Source: Pharmaceutical Technology, 2020)