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Australia snags two more COVID-19 vaccine deals

Australia has recently purchased another 50 million doses of two more COVID-19 vaccine candidates as they aim to complete a mass inoculation program within months.

Back in September, Australia purchased $1.2 billion worth of vaccine doses from AstraZeneca and CSL. Adding to these are $1 billion worth of more vaccine doses from Novavax, Pfizer, and BioNTech.

Australia currently has over 27,000 reported COVID-19 cases.

(Source: Channel News Asia, 2020)

Germany prepares facilities for COVID-19 vaccination

Germany prepares for mass COVID-19 vaccination with front-line workers and vulnerable groups being the priority.

They are now scouting trade fair halls and airport terminals to use as potential mass vaccination centers, as it draws up plans to inoculate the nation as soon as the first COVID-19 shot gains European approval.

Under the national vaccine strategy, states were asked to identify central vaccination centers which will be supplemented by mobile teams who go into care homes. This approach prevents potential logistical challenges in distributing the vaccines.

(Source: Channel News Asia, 2020)

Generex enters into an agreement to develop COVID-19 vaccine.

Generex Biotechnology Corporation has recently entered a framework agreement with Chinese agencies, China Center for Disease Control and Prevention, Beijing Guoxin Haixiang Equity Investment Partnership, and Beijing Youfeng International Consulting, to develop and commercialize a COVID-19 vaccine in China.

Under the terms of the agreement, Generex will receive upfront development payments and back-end licensing payments to conduct the research and development and fully fund the commercial approval of the candidate vaccine.

This will include laboratory work, manufacturing, regulatory filings, and the clinical development program for regulatory approval of the vaccine in China.

(Source: The Star, 2020)